I generally don’t share my passions with people, I am a very private person. Yet I’ll try, usually I only share with my family and very close friends.

And those are two of my passions, my family and friends. Anything to do with them, for them, or about them are the most important things to me. Another is my faith and service, I link the two because it is God’s love that inspires me to give back, to give my time and effort. God and my family’s belief in Him is the foundation of my values, beliefs and actions. Those are the easiest for people to figure out.

Yet, something no one knows about me is how much I actually love trees. I love climbing them; no that’s not quite right. I have to climb them, to the top. To perch on a limb, so I can close my eyes and just breathe. When I am alone, in that tree, I am no one else but me. Just me. I’m not defined by anything, I simply exist in that moment in my most honest form. The higher I climb the more I can feel myself escaping all of the worries the ground has to offer me. Even then, sometimes it still isn’t high enough. I know this doesn’t seem like a passion, but being the most honest me is something I want to continually strive to be.

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