Leader Advancement Scholarship

I was accepted as a 2015 Leader Advancement Scholarship winner. I am one of 50 incredibly lucky individuals that was selected to join and be apart of the Leadership Institute. As a Leader Advancement Scholar (LAS-er) I will graduate with a minor in Leadership, have many opportunities to attend conferences, be apart of shaping the leadership on campus, and an amazing group of people. Freshman year you are encouraged to live in Barnes (our home base) surrounded by your cohort, and also connected to Powers Hall, home to the Leadership Institute. If you are struggling you not only have a cohort to help you, in addition you have the cohorts above you, and the LI staff. One of the best things is as a scholar you receive a mentor, who is a sophomore.Your mentor is to help guide you in your first year of college and LAS. Mine is one of the best, she is so great its hard to think of how to describe her. 

Overall without LAS I would’t have done or experienced everything I have! The Leadership Institute is the place to be, it’s a tool for any CMU student to use to put their stamp on the world.

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