I am a junior at Central Michigan University, before Central I attended Holton High School in Holton, Michigan. The school that shaped me into who I am today is somewhat like what I have found here at CMU. My k-12 grade education was in a small tight-knit community, much like the one in our LAS program. I know I have formed real and lasting relationships here, much like I did in high school. While many freshman find college daunting and scary, I couldn’t wait to leave my high school! It wasn’t a bad place, but I knew CMU offered me so many more experiences than I ever could have imagined. Now, it’s the Friday before finals, and I look back at everything I accomplished or have been apart of my freshman year and I’m blow away. Central is my future, my education, and just the beginning. As I continue my education at Central Michigan University I have no doubt that these 4 years will actually be “the best years of my life.”

Many people picture CMU as a small school, but I think it is the perfect medium with just over 27,000 students. In reality I feel we are really a big, rowdy, and mismatched family. I bet you’re wondering why, let me explain by sharing my favorite and most common complaint. MANY, many people complain about how annoying we are with our “Fire Up Chips” slogan being shouted at anyone in CMU gear, or just for fun. Why is enthusiasm and pride annoying? We are just showing our school pride and spirit. For me, I am in awe that no matter how far I travel I know when I wear my Central gear I’ll find a fellow Chippewa! Our cheers are one way we leave our mark on the world.

Photo Credit: CMU advertising

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