SOC 221L

If there was ever a class meant to be a rollercoaster, it was this one; it can either make or ruin your whole day multiple times in just one hour and 15 minutes.

SOC 221L: Social Problems was a rollercoaster mixed with a whirlwind of information, emotions, and great discussions. This class was not only easy to manage, but gave you time to check news and actually learn what is going on in the world. We used our news sources, articles read during the week, and our textbook to engage in discussions that were not only informative, but honest and you can debate in them as well. The class discussion opened your mind to a whole new level of diversity in responses and ideas, sometimes you rally in agreement and others times you huff in disapproval.

I have never had a class filled with this much discussion before, it was mentally stimulating, but very taxing. Our discussions touched on very important and sometimes unknown things that were happening: Line 5 pipeline, educational changes, oil spills, trafficking, congressional events, etc. The class has a variety of majors from criminal justice to education to business to RPL or com majors, but it did nothing to hinder the conversation; it only enriched it. SOC 221L became a Monday and Wednesday news update every week for many people, myself included. I will be sad to see it go for I fear I will become less informed.

Our teacher, Liz Bradshaw did a wonderful job leading our class through dissection and shown a real passion for the subject. She is quirky, inquisitive of our responses and logic, and always is ready to hold a honest heart to heart discussion with us. While, the conversation is pointing in a specific direction she lets the class take the reins, occasionally asking further questions to make the class dive into deep level thinking. She also provided us opportunities for extra credit to motivate us to attend panels, lectures, watch videos.

This is class has so many resources it can almost be overwhelming trying to navigate them, but it is well worth it. In addition, the class has a mandatory action piece attached, which is great and allows students to choose an issue they are extremely passionate about.


Our teacher not only encouraged to become educated about social justice, but to become social justice leaders. social-justice-words-from-class.png


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