RA Life

Buckle up for the whirlwind that is the life of a Resident Assistant. On June 16, I was hired by our South Campus Assistant Director, Abbas Hill, I couldn’t believe it!

My excitement grew into nervousness because I was hired as a free agent, mid summer, I didn’t know anyone until I got here. I spent the next month getting to know some of the most amazing and extra people I have ever met in my life.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch 2016 Beddow Staff

Selfless, dedicated, supportive, driven, compassionate, educated, kind, loving, and resilient are all the words I would use to describe my staff!

At first, I thought who are all these crazy hooligans, but at the same time I was very intimidated by what everyone brought to the table, it was an impressive amount of energy and wisdom.

I found the piece of me that was missing my first year here at CMU. While, I love to volunteer, and make it a goal to do so at least once a month, it is my job in Res Life that has made me the happiest.

Through all the challenges we have faced and overcome as a staff, all of the learning opportunities, unsure moments, and successes, nothing brought me greater joy then being able to spend time with these people and help our residents.

I was a resource that could be used everyday, I was constantly working on improving myself to help others, expanding my knowledge, learning how to be a better educator, and how to balance properly taking care of myself while I take care of other people.

I watched my residents ask me so many questions and were always needed that extra nudge to try new things, turn into strong independent people. They became self-sufficient, confident, and more involved the further the semester progressed.

As the year comes to a close I am beyond sad to say goodbye and see these faces leave, even if they no longer need me. New faces will come and it will start all over again, with some returners sprinkled in here and there, but at least I’ll still have my staff on the amazing and crazy journey.

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