Wowza, my PHL 118L class always had something going on. There’s nothing college students hate more than an 8am. However, philosophy at eight in the morning can make you question your existence and place in the world… Usually this class made me question the views of society and how they interact with my moral and religious standings.

tree-moralityThis fall I took Philosophy 118L with my scholarship cohort and the class was taught be Gary Fuller. Our professor not only designed this class as a challenging platform to question moral rights and wrongs, but it taught us how to handle controversy from our peers

Every day in class there was a new perspective, a new argument, and a new collective chaos of emotions. There were days where our class was mostly in quiet or contemplative agreement, then there was explosive days that made your blood boil, and you could see the fire burning in someone’s eyes.

Our class covered a range of topics from abortion to capital punishment, the legalization of marijuana, torture, and affirmative action. We all have views we are quick to defend and have such strong unwavering beliefs andfeelings about. Yet, have you ever asked yourself why you feel that way? The way you feel about something doesn’t necessarily mean it is morally right or wrong…

This class was challenging in a sense for formation of reasons why you believe something and what made those reasons more right or more wrong tha
n others. For every experience or reason you have, someone will always be able to argue against you or to lessen your stance. While, I did not change my overall opinions on the topics discussed in class, it did raise interesting questions for me, and created a more open mindset.

Overall, from the quipping that sailed on some days to the somber reluctance to state our reasons for our beliefs, the interaction of the class was meaningful, and answered many questions I had. However, while the class was beneficial and interesting, it was slightly out of date. The context especially for our last few topics, homosexuality and hooking up, were based off comparatively outdated books and perspectives.


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