Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please!

Every week my hall sells grilled cheese from 10pm to 2am in the lobby, right inside the main entrance, on Tuesday nights. Now for those of you who don’t know, Tuesday is pint night in Mount Pleasant. It’s when the popular bar, Wayside Central, sells their pints of beer for dirt cheap (not really sure, I’ve never been).


However, we specifically pick pint night, because when fellow hall members come home hungry and tipsy from Wayside what are they to do? Well, they buy a grilled cheese for $1 of course! It’s cheaper than delivery and it triggers your need for instant gratification. Now, it may sound like we are taking advantage of the poor tipsy souls and you’re right, we are, but we are raising funds for the Michigan Organ Donation foundation.

When you’re not making grilled cheese, you’re bonding with your fellow E-board, residents, and staff members of Beddow Hall! Sitting in the lobby for at least an hour each week with food, makes for a great chance to connect and it was a wonderful opportunity to learn new things about each other and eat some awesome grilled cheese!

In addition to volunteering my time fundraising every week for my hall I would help volunteer putting on programs in my or other halls for staff members. Most of my volunteering required me to help participate, put on, and facilitate events in my and other halls. All of the programs I volunteered my time to were used to educate residents about a variety of learning goals the staff of CMU’s Residence Life has set for their employees (RA/MA, RHD, peer mentor, etc.).

Other than staying involved with fundraising and program helping, I was able to volunteer my time cleaning up the beaches and pedestrian part of Silver Lake Sand Dunes this past summer!

Silver Lake area (my summer home)



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