Diversity, Inclusion, & Service

Diversity: The wide variety of shared and different personal and group characteristics among human beings

Inclusion: The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone.


This year I was placed on was the Diversity, Inclusion, & Service Lead Team to work with others that have a shared passion of making others feel included and dedicating my time to making our campus a more educated and welcoming place for everyone.

Our first lead team activity was to host a collaborative tailgate between LAS and MAC (Multicultural Advancement) scholars. We hosted the event on Nov. 15th from 4 to 6pm in Kulhavi classrooms. The tailgate was alcohol free and offered a safe, fun and bonding experience for those involved. The event had free pizza, deserts, games, and music. The tailgate was something new this year that was finally taken off the ground and will be even more successful next year!

Along with the tailgate our team had an internal lantern activity that helped us choose the beliefs and values we hold most dear. The activity was designed to help us narrow down what drives us everyday and what activities protect it,  help it, and what damaged it or made us set aside our beliefs and values for a moment. My two driving values are family and faith. The activity reaffirmed a lot about myself concerning what drives me and protects my values, but also made me realize what I need to improve to live them 24/7.

Between the lantern activity, tailgate, and meetings I was able to attend, I learned what drives my fellow team members beyond wanting to do good. I was able to hear and see what their values were that shaped them and how they lived them out. This team was a nice step in laying the foundation for next year’s group to keep working towards making our campus a greater place for everyone.


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