Beddow Hall E-Board

Spring 2017 E-Board Bondin

This year I served on Beddow Hall E-Board as the Staff Liaison and temporary athletic director for a short period of time.

Being on E-Board was something I never expected I would do or enjoy, but when my RHD Alex offered me the chance I took it!

I wanted to challenge myself and become more involved in the hall, not just as a RA, but a voice in the hall that was able to have an active hand in what the hall did!

Beddow Hall Council General Meeting

I think the biggest challenge and accomplishment I experienced while on Beddow Hall E-Board was trying to balance the time commitment and maintaining a friendly staff voice, while still being a regular part of E-Board.

As a whole E-Board we earned the 5 star community award for our community for the first time!


However, this accomplishment did not come without hard work! Our E-Board attended numerous events and programs with residents, fellow members, and even staff members. We spent hours in meetings to plan our 5 star community requirements and writing all the required OTM’s (Of the Moments) and Rezzy Submissions (event summary).

After being in the roll of Staff Liaison and coordinating communications between staff and e-board, while still participating in all things that both do, I have learned a lot about myself. I am determined, always up for a challenge, and more willing than I should be to sacrifice my sleep or studying to accomplish a group goal! My time with e-board has been a great leadership experience!


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