I believe in equality.

To those of you that were discontent about my Facebook post offering a safe place for LGBTQ Community:

I believe in safety for ALL people, that means everyone, everywhere, and all the time. I believe we all deserve safety.

For those who made it known they don’t approve of the LGBTQ community, but want equality: I pose to you a question. How can you support safety for “all,” but not for the LGBTQ Community? How can we have true equality if we treat any other person or group as less deserving: as second class citizen?

To all of those who start a sentence similar to “I agree but…” or “I think everyone should be safe but…” that is NOT equality.

Equality is the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability (from dictionary.com).

THERE IS NO “BUT” IN EQUALITY. Equality is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, self identification, disability, etc.

Sentences that finish with a reason against equality for the LGBTQ Community, or other individuals or groups, do not represent true equality. In those sentences you select who you believe deserves equality.

We are all people and we should all be equal.

Synonyms for the word equality: balance, equal opportunity, fairness, and sameness.

My name is Elizabeth Colvin and I believe in equality for everyone.

I stand with the LGBTQ Community.



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