The Training Wheels Are Off!

Welcome to LDR 200L: Introduction to Leadership! You get out what you put in, you choose the direction to take, and you get to do it with your LAS cohort! We are all on the metaphorical bicycle that just lost its training wheels from LDR 100L. We all are pedaling as hard as we can to avoid falling. We all are in a pack, pedaling and questioning this new experience that can be slightly terrifying for some and exhilarating for others.

This class is designed to teach you theories, models and deeply question them. However, what most don’t expect is we are doing the teaching! Our fellow peers are teaching us through initiatives and presentations. We are learning how to facilitate, properly present and communicate with others. The class is focused on us, the students. From question time that lasts over a hour to creating our own exam questions. LDR 200L is definitely designed to make you think, question and feel conflicted over the things you learn. While long, at three hours, it gives you plenty of time to talk out our feelings, ideas and things we are passionate about.

This class is a great way to help us learn important lessons, theories and skills.


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