L.E.A.D Letter

For my L.A.S. protocol we have to participated on a LEAD Team for the Leadership Institute. The lead team I was placed on was L.E.A.D. Letter, a newsletter targeted to highlight the activities, tasks, or accomplishments of the L.I. this past year. While not extremely excited to be placed on this LEAD team at first, I grew to be content with it.

In the beginning I thought it would be much like my high school yearbook class: tedious, stressful, and unfulfilling. Some of these were true. It was a stressful and unfulfilling process for me. However, what I didn’t expect was the knowledge it gave me, and this is what I value most that L.E.A.D Letter gave me.

The knowledge of events and people the L.I. gets involved with on campus. I was always interested in knowing, but never fully ready or willing to take a step to find out the in depth answers. With this LEAD team I was able to view other articles written by peers, and research for articles I covered myself. I recently just finished an article on the Polar Plunge. I knew it was a big deal, and normally I would volunteer for the event. Yet, the weekend it happened I was very busy and remained almost indifferent of the event. To write a piece and hear the statements of those involved made me realize how much I missed that weekend. It made me realize I need to be more aware; like so many others I got caught up in myself and not the world around me. We all miss so much by being busy, forgetful, or under informed. L.E.A.D. Letter is a great way to stay informed, or find out what the Leadership Institute has been involved in on campus.

This team wasn’t always fun, but it did have a positive influence on me.


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