Currently I am involved in a variety of things across campus.

I recently finished two intramural volleyball leagues. One co-rec and one all women’s league. This experience not only helped me continue to stay active and make healthier choices; but also gave me new friendships. Our teams learned to share, communicate, and effectively deal with a variety of outcomes. The bonds I now have thanks to these two teams is amazing and something I realize I was sorely missing. I missed being apart of something, of a team, and playing towards a goal we all wanted to achieve. The experiences I gained from IM Volleyball has me eagerly awaiting for next year’s season.

I volunteer almost every week at the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center. The activities I do are quick one hour sessions to fit into my busy schedule! They are so rewarding and go by incredibly fast. Some of my favorite events are Valentines for Veterans, Foster Care Fleece Blanket Project, and Hospital Snack Packs! All of the events are fun, a great way to make connection, grow your passions, and give back to others! These events regularly happen on Tuesday at 5 or 6pm and sometimes Wednesdays!

For one of my scholarships I am required to be on a Lead team for the Leadership Institute. This year I had the privilege to be on L.E.A.D. Letter. This is a newsletter targeted to highlight the activities, tasks, or accomplishments the L.I. has experienced this past year. It is a great way to continue writing, stay informed, and spread awareness of the L.I.’s involvements.



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