HST 110LWI Reflection

This class, let me tell you; it was definitely entertaining. Our teacher, Professor Tobin,  was adorable for one, she always had something to say to make the class laugh. Secondly, she challenged our views of leadership and leaders in history in a way, for myself, that has never happened before.

Professor Tobin contains a huge confidence for history in a small body. When she spoke you couldn’t doubt what she was saying. Tobin knows her stuff. I could go to her with the most trivial of questions about Andrew Carnegie and she could either answer me right then or reference me to a document that answered my question. The knowledge and pride she has for history made you want to listen. Yes, sometimes we can all get bored and wish for class to be over; but this was different. She questioned us in a way that made us question what we had learned before and dwell on what she taught us.

While knowledgable, she was also tough. She wanted us to have a vast and in-depth knowledge of history, which didn’t always lead to the best grades for us. In high school many of us could show us to class, turn in assignments, and take test with some studying to earn an A of B. Not in this class! I consistently received two grades on all papers: B-/C+. How I receive two grades for the same paper blew my mind, I never would have guessed that, let alone how hard this course was compared to high school. I put in at least the same amount of effort as I did in high school and it was consiered mediocre. In other college courses it got me As, but not in this class. Professor Tobin challenged me, made me question my effort, and my knowledge of history.

Once I realized I needed to step up my effort I really started paying attention and highlighting in my notes. Soon after, I remember our lecture about Andrew Carnegie. I knew all of the answers to the questions she was asking because not only did I have a vast previous knowledge, I read our assigned chapter on him. It gave me confidence that I understood what we were learning about in class to the depth she wanted. It made me realize how little effort to care I put in. Before, I would put in an effort to learn, now I know I needed to care about what I learned. I can take this knowledge now, while it’s to late for history, and apply it to my future classes.

If given the chance, take a class (CR/NC) with Professor Tobin. The experience is worth it.



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