My goals are always changing, growing, and evolving. Some are trial things, while others are life long or even major milestone goals.

Some of the goals I have are:

  • To visit Peru. I would like to visit to volunteer with their forest conservation, and also leave the United States at least once in my life time.
  • Go bungee jumping.
  • Retire to own my own business. I have yet to decide what I want it to be.
  • Do a summer or winter internship my junior or senior year.
  • Volunteer at least once a month for the rest of my life. Giving back and putting others first is something I never want to lose sight of and want to pass on to my children one day.
  • Defy the stereotype of being a working mother. Many assume you can’t work and properly raise a family, or you’re not a “real” mom.
  • Decide what I want to do with my degree and love it.
  • Chase my passions, share them with others, and become the best me I can be.
  • Always try to understand.

While this list is all over the place, it is a big summary of some of the things that have either been on my mind or are ever present topics in college.


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