Before the Adventure

On April 1st and 2nd, my cohort and supervisors are taking a trip to Detroit to serve Jalen Rose Academy and the Cass Community Center.

I am honestly, not sure what to expect. I have never been to Detroit, and when it was talked about in my high school most of us have never been there. I have very few stereotypes of Detroit in mind honestly, I know some parts are safer than other, and the city is trying to rebuild itself to its former glory. The only thing I know for sure exists is a divider of the city. What that divider is I’m not totally sure. I haven’t been given many chances to learn about Detroit, and when I look myself what turns up seems extremely stereotyped.

One of the only social issues I’m aware of is education and wage gap. I watched a video once my junior year on these issues, but after a couple days I never really thought about it again. I lack exposure and knowledge when it comes to the city of Detroit. Half from a lack of awareness, the other from a lack of trying. I never thought I would visit Detroit; it’s over 3 hours from my house. Plus, I have hardly visited anywhere, so if I was able to travel, I wouldn’t have picked Detroit.

Personally, I think this visit to Detroit will help me grow as an individual by learning more about the area. I will increase my awareness of myself, others, and their lifestyles. I’m ready to go and ready to experience.

This service trip relates to the purpose and vision of the L.I. by preparing us for new things. Not only will it help unveil our eyes to the privileges we have, but it will help us grow and become more aware as leaders. Our trip is giving us the opportunity to facilitate, grow, and increase our sense of responsibility. We all think the world is broken in some way, shape or form. This trip will give us the opportunity to experience and see some of the problems we as a community should strive to fix.



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