A Leader Among Us

As a freshman in college many people have hopes of being an excellent leader when they’re older. However, we make a difference now. We have the power, can make our opportunities and seek out new ones to become our “future” leader faster. At 19 many us think we lack the influence or power to truly be a leader for the world. That isn’t a problem. You can never be a leader in every aspect for the world. Instead, we should focus on the skills we have now and how we can use them to be leaders to make an impact today. You can always gain skills to add to your toolbox, but you can never gain time. Don’t waste the limited time we have available, to gain skills; discover your roll and add to your skills as you go.

Others fear making a mistake. We are human, the world expects everyone to make mistakes. Don’t dwell on your shortcomings, move forward; but don’t forget. Remember your mistakes so you can look back and improve yourself. Don’t focus on being a leader of tomorrow when you can start today.

For my current leader I choose someone who models this everyday, Sadie Robertson. Not only is Sadie a very influential leader, she is 18. She is the same age as many high school seniors and college freshman. Sadie is proof age isn’t a requirement for power or leadership. Since March 21, 2011, the Robertson family was living their lives in God’s word on television. While controversial, the leadership rolls her family exhibits on the show and the risks they take by living unwaveringly in their beliefs is amazing. It’s no wonder Sadie has grown up to be an inspiring influence to those around the world, even those who disagree with her faith agree she is a powerful force in the lives of many.

Others are motivated to follow her due to her originality, passion, and wisdom at such a young age. I admire how unapologitically herself Said actually is. She stays strong in her faith, family, and is activity seeking more leadership roles.

Sadie is not a leader for any set reason. She is a leader for picking up her awaiting torch and lighting the fire to carry it. Unlike so many of us who are waiting to pick up our torch, she has already been holding it proudly for all to see.

Sadie is an example of what many of us hope to be when we are older. Yet, by picking up her torch early, Sadie is a leader today. She is younger than most of us and already is greatly impactful around the world.


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