Leadership is YES

In my LDR 200L course, the Introduction to Leadership, we have to decide whether a leader comes from a yes or no. Personally, for me leadership comes from yes.

yes-you-can_2-e1343326279466_2d5ebf22abb753ba297965cfad4a1a46 Yes. . .things can get better, I can do this, or I want to make a change. The world is full of choices, leadership, and challenges. The no reasons seem to get the credit for leadership. Some people relate this to “No this is not good enough.” However, when you stop to think about it, that doesn’t cause action. The yes, the ability to agree action needs to be taken it is what drives leadership. For example, the people who say “Yes, I will volunteer,” are leading with their actions. To me no is the realization something is wrong and yes is the action you take. Leadership is about action, whether it be by you or who you are following.

So next time instead of thinking “No, this isn’t right.”

Try thinking “Yes, I can make this better.”


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