Stop, Collaborate & Listen

2015 is the first year of the 4 week Spark Leadership Series. I had the privilege to grouped with a wonderful team, TEAM COLLABORATION!!! This cohesive unit was facilitated by James Barber and Angie Distelrath.

Week 1: We defined what leadership was to us. We chose to the characteristics of a leader as speaking out, listening, being positive, a roll model, loving others, was working to improve, stepping back so others step forward, and being inclusive.

Week 2: Discovered our leadership style with the “What’s My Leadership Style?” Quiz!!! The options were direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic. The questions were set as “When getting others to work towards a goal, I am likely to …” with a 0 to 5 scale. The goal of the exercise was to discover your style. However for me, I had a four way tie. I am direct, spirited, considerate, and systematic. I was the first to ever be all of them, to me that explained why I can be so conflicted on how I lead. I decided to focus on considerate for our group talk, I feel I use this style everyday. Spark taught me, we all have another style in us, and if you’re like me you are rare in a good way!

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Week 3: All about plans! Focused on how to improve our weaker leadership areas, I chose systematic. I tend to plan details, but wish I could do it to a greater extent. We reflected on our plans and suggested ways that could improve others.

Week 4: The FINAL session! We used time to debrief, play one last leadership game to realize society norms, and we signed a new metal “C” sign!!! The final session was bigger sweet, we were ready to go apply what we learned, but didn’t want to leave!

During spark not only did I learn the most I have about myself in just 2 hour sessions, I also built friendships that continue to last! I love to catch up with my Spark group and chat. Spark taught me not only am I unique in my own way but I can help others expose their own uniqueness too.

I highly recommend Spark! Click here to watch our series video by the Leadership Institue!



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