Mentor & Mentee Bonding

Eagle Village is our annual location for our Mentor and Mentee Retreat. It’s the time for bonding with our mentors, as a cohort, and for fun! This retreat was used to target growth in trust, communication, and between mentors and mentees! One of the best things about being a Leader Advancement Scholar (LAS) is receiving a mentor who went through the process last year. As a sophomore now, your mentor is there to guide you through your freshman year, and to show you the rolls you can plan on campus, and in the Leadership Institute. Your mentor can be essentially a good friend, an older sibling or a roll model.

My mentor is Amanda Yats, I consider her to be a lifesaver.

Amand and I
Amanda and I, Photo Credit: Katie Rae

She is extremely encouragingly, kind, and a wonderful mentor! She has already helped me with so much, from adjusting to college life, to conflicting emotions. I feel that our communication and bond grew the most during our retreat. One of the activities we did during the retreat I will never forget, the high ropes course. Myself, I’m not afraid of heights, I love them, I feel comfort and safe. However, Amanda didn’t. I watched, instructed and encouraged her to do her best just as she did for me earlier in the activity. The experience of watching her try, and show that even those helping us struggle reopened my eyes that everyone needs someone. I just hope that next year for my mentee I can be at least half as great of a mentor to them as Amanda was to me.

I didn’t know anyone in LAS prior to coming and Amanda helped me make those connections during the retreat. She was constantly encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone with people, in conversations, and in activities. I was very apprehensive coming into the retreat, but I left leaving trilled and happy with all of the connections I made. I left feeling like I belonged to something important.

Mentee:Mentor Retreat
Gold (Mentees) + Maroon (Mentors) =  A GREAT TIME!         Photo Credit: Leadership Instititue

Click here to watch our Mentor/Mentee retreat video by Riley Bussell!



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