It’s a Whole New World

Leadership Safari, the start of our Central experience for many freshman and transfer students! A time of confusion, eagerness, fear, and hustle and bustle.

My safari leader was Elise, a wonderful junior with a heart of gold. Not only did she keep us sane, entertained, and AWAKE during our long days. She went above and beyond with games, gifts, snacks, and continues to text us all to meet for “mustang dinners!”

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Elise made sure we all were comfortable, made friendships, and established a relationship with us. She encouraged deep conversations, sometimes skipping fun games in favor of learning more about us. She was our DJ for the week, and made sure we were all in high spirits even in the rain, or while trying something new.

My favorite activities were the push/trust circle, we had to close our eyes, lock our arms and let our group push us around a circle to keep us upright. My absolute favorite activity is the picture above with my Mustang family wearing hairnets. We volunteered to make food packages that can feed someone for a week! It was amazing and I wish we were allowed to make more than 40 packages!

Leadership Safari was an amazing experience that all freshman or transfer students should take part in. I don’t know what else to say so I’ll show you!

Check this out!


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