Central Michigan University’s president visited my LDR 100 class for about an hour on a Monday night, when he undoubtedly had more important things to deal with. However, one of the first things he told us is “This is one of the most important things I get to do.” Not only is meeting President Ross something that many college students can’t say they have done, he made a point to tell us we were important. He told a class of around 50 students we mattered and he meets with each freshman LAS class every year!

Our University’s president takes time out of his night just to meet 50 students and share his story, beliefs and values with us! He also gave us time to ask him questions about the school, his views, and leadership. Our president makes time for each LAS class because he cares about the leadership on campus. He told us the Leadership Institute is one of the most important things on campus, and we’re apart of that.

2015 LAS class and advisors (some not pictured)                                       Photo credit: The Leadership Intsitute

President Ross handed out a sheet to us detailing his 5 categories of Leadership Expectations:

  1. Respect, Responsibility and Integrity
  2. Creativity, Adaptability, and Resilience
  3. Collaboration and Communication, Communication, Communication
  4. Courage, Conflict and Urgency
  5. Relationships, Talent and Appreciation

Each was broken down into three bullet points for each category. Reading this paper held weight and made us reevaluate how we lead in our lives. President Ross encouraged us to take what we learned, apply it, spread it and help others be the best leader they can.

One of the most important bullets for me was about relationships, talent, and appreciation. It impacted me and some others hard. It challenged our control as a leader, and reminded us sometimes a leader is about letting go. It is listed below for you to ponder as well:

  • Faculty and staff are our most valuable resource. Recognize and celebrate success. Use their talents, their experiences and their expertise. Give away your power. Let your ego go.



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