Connections Conference

The Connections Conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI was a howling good time! The conference was a fast paced two day event that held many amazing speakers!

The speakers were captivating and spoke on some of the most important issues. There was a variety of topics such as worn out leaders to polishing your leadership image. Every person I talked to had a favorite speaker and were touched by what they learned during Connections. 

The best part of connections for me was learning more personalized strengths/weaknesses of my style and speed connecting! The latter of the two was by far the most entertaining and fun event during the whole conference. You were able to meet a new person every minute to two minutes and connect quickly but deeply.

I was apart of the Stevenson Institute filled with a variety of leaders all across campus. Connections is for everyone, even if it is apart of our LAS protocol, others were elected or decided to come for their organizations. Connections is meant to tie us all in together and supply us with connections, abilities, and ideas we can bring back to our organizations or use in everyday life.

Connections is one of the best places to go with a variety of speakers and critical thinking activities. Plus, who doesn’t love good food and a waterpark!

Everyone loves the waterpark! Taken by Dan Gaken

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