COM 267L

COM 267L: The Introduction to Debate was taught by Dr. Corey Hillman. This class was targeted to teach us and help us understand the art of argumentation.

IMG_2707For this class I had a wonderful debate partner, Katie House. We were a great match of methodical, emotional, critical, and joking. Where I was fired up and sassy, Katie was calm and collected. Someone joked that we were a double edged sword, I think they were right. While Katie and I were debate partners we were also friends.

One of the things I enjoyed most about debate was watching people debate. You learned so many different styles, personalities, and a variety of issues. My second favorite was our class lunch dates at our food court named Fresh. It was the source of friendship, good food, laughter, and de-stressing for many of us. It was a chance to get to know each other, talk out our frustrations, and funny things that happened in class.

This class in not only a required LAS protocol, it is a much needed expansion of views. It challenges the way we view things, how we argue, and how arguments are shaped. I cannot begin to count how many times I have called someone out on a fallacy, which is a mistaken belief based on an unsound argument.

This class was enjoyable usually, fun, but also very informative. It has forever changed how I argue with people. I feel as if I can properly debate to back up and support my decisions in everyday leadership and life now too. This class is a great attribute to my leadership skills.




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