Be a FRED!

F.R.E.D means find, reward, educate, and demonstrate.

Being a Fred means recognizing and fulfilling these four principles:

  1. Everyone makes a difference
  2. Everything is built on relationships
  3. You must continually create value for others
  4. You can reinvent yourself regularly

As a requirement for our LAS protocol class LDR 100 we must do a Fred Factor presentation. This assignment was based off a book written by motivational speaker, Mark Sanborn, titled The Fred Factor. This book was written to show “How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.” The book is about a mailman, Fred, who goes above and beyond in his job to make everyone else’s life easier and happier. In the book Sanborn lists the steps we all can take to become Freds!

This was a very open ended assignment with no directions other than what it must include and satisfy the four principles of being a Fred.

IMG_2460My group (Keirsa Rascoe, Savannah Fraser, Jordyn Imhoff, Teddy Wingert, Rachel Kremm, Chase Thelen, and Josephine Krzesak) chose to make and pass out cards with what we thought embodied being a Fred. Together we decided to challenge, encourage, and promote being a Fred. The only requirement on the card was that they passed it on! As an additional aspect we listed on the card #CMUrandomacts, which they could tweet at if they wanted to. It was a good way for us to see we did impact more people than we expected. 

This project refocused all of our efforts to make an impact in people’s lives even in the smallest of ways. For me this project made me appreciate all of the people in my life that do this for me, and made me realize I wanted to keep passing out cards. I try to do something, no matter how small everyday for someone, whether it’s holding a door open or smiling at a stranger.

I challenge you to be a Fred in at least one way everyday, and to pass on the knowledge of what a Fred is!

Click ~Fred Factor~ 2015 to view our presentation!



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